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Microsoft Edge Browser APK V1.0.0.1001 Beta For Android Download

You are about to download Microsoft Edge APK for all android devices. We are offering you on this page World best and most popular browser Microsoft Edge APK updated version download for all Android operating system. You can download APK file of Microsoft Edge English version APK format from here freely. So, it has lots of features for safe browsing and best sharing. Microsoft Edge is full HD web browser which helps to load quickly heavy pages like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook etc. You can search anything on the internet using Microsoft Edge app on your android device. So, don’t miss this important free package, quickly follow below download link which is located at the end of this post.
Microsoft Edge Browser APK V1.0.0.1001 Beta For Android Download

The latest Version of Microsoft Edge APK is completely free for all android devices and tablets. You will access your desire and bookmark beloved site into your browser screen, which is easy for visiting daily. I think Microsoft Edge APP is world best and fastest web browser and popular to its latest and updated browsing features. There are thousands of people using Microsoft Edge on their Android mobiles because it satisfies people during use. It has many heart touching features which never forget. User search anything in different languages. You can change your browser language from your browser menu, it will able to remove ads from your browser home page.

Microsoft Edge Browser APK is fully securable against different threats, malware and Trojan’s. Keep browsing without any hesitation, If you are not using Microsoft Edge APK on your Android device previously then must be download and install Microsoft Edge APK English version from here. Once you have installed and use then you can’t install and use another web browser. So official download link of Microsoft Edge apk is below at the bottom, you will get this app after clicking.


  • Free download and easy to use
  • Fast browse anything
  • Safe browsing with protecting your phone
  • Can save your mobile data
  • View pages, watch videos, listen to audios, download fast from this browsing app
  • Helps to translate every language
  • Search in different languages
  • Much more

App Info:

  • File Name                        Microsoft Edge APK
  • File Size                           51.36 MB
  • File Version                     Latest V1.0.0.1001
  • Price                                Free
  • Supported                        All Android OS
  • Languages                       All
  • Download Microsoft Edge APK

Download AutoLiker Biz V2.52 APK For ANdroid

AutoLiker Biz APK is another auto like generating machine. You can free download AutoLiker Biz app APK from this landed page. If you are confused and looking for any like generating machine on the internet and you come on this page, Don't worry you are in right place, AutoLiker Biz app is the perfect solution for you to generate likes on your Facebook statuses, timelines etc. If you are interested and want to download this AutoLiker Biz apk on your android phone then follow below download link and tap the download button to get full setup APK format file AutoLiker Biz.


AutoLiker Biz APK is an Android Application which helps you to get lots of likes on your FB Status, Pictures, Videos, Audios, pages, Timelines posts. Facebook is one of the best and most famous social site in the world with its unlimited users. Some of the users can use Facebook to introduce their business to peoples and some of the users can show their personality how they famous. So this is the only android app which comes fast to get unlimited likes on your status. Every Facebook user and another social site user can famous with their competitor by score high and get lots of likes about their desire status, we know it is not the easy and simple way to get likes about status, but today we are here to represent the best android application named as AutoLiker Biz APK which comes to work 100% and get lots of likes. 
Download AutoLiker Biz V2.52 APK For ANdroid

By the given instruction being a user of Social sites, you need to get lots of likes on your status from people living by using AutoLiker Biz APK. It is completely free to download for all Android phones, tablets, and other smartphones which can use for confidently with full assurance. This is the best Android app to get likes on your social profile, if your post does not be at any risk, boost up your post for more people its possible by AutoLiker Biz APK app. There is no longer process to use AutoLiker Biz APK, just you need to download AutoLiker Biz APK from below download link, after downloading install it on your Android phone.

Features of AutoLiker Biz APK:

  • Free Download for all Android smartphones and tablets
  • Get 1000+ likes on your FB activities
  • Easy to use friendly interface
  • Five hundred likes in a single attempt
  • More than one lac users already use
  • Login with your Facebook ID
  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Much more

App Info:

  • Name;           AutoLiker Biz APK
  • Versions;       2.52 [latest]
  • Price;            Free
  • Size;            9.86MB
  • Developer;   AutoBiz
  • Support;       Up to Android 2.3+ OS
  • Download AutoLiker Biz APK 9.86MB

Download Android Root APK(Software) Latest V4.3.6 For Android

Android root software APK free download for your android operating system. This is the unique and easiest way to root Android devices. It supports all versions of a lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, and latest new version Oreo. Through this rooting program, you have to follow some steps on beginning stage in short time you can get full root access on your device. Remember that android root application takes a few time, after few minutes your devices will be successfully rooted. The powerful android rooting application comes in APK format. So, you can download it free from this page. On this page, we have manage its full official download link Android root software for your device. Scroll down and tap on the download button and get full APK format file Android Root Program.

If you are looking for any rooting application then Android Root is the best and most powerful and top-rated rooting app around the world. Millions of user trust this android root app for rooting their android devices. It supports almost all android devices which have Android versions installed, like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, ZTE, Micromax, Google, Infinix, Oppo, LG, Qmobile, Blackberry etc. The developers of Android root application have recently updated it and include many new and unique features for the requirements of Android users. If you are really want to root your android devices then Android root APK is the best choice for Root process. First of all, download it from this page and installed it on your device to easily root your device.

Download Android Root APK(Software) Latest Version For Android

Why Root Process Necessary?

Root process is necessary for Android devices because when the mobile device cannot support the third-party application at that time if you want to get full access of that very application then you can do root process on your device by using Android Root APK. The latest version of Android root application completely free download and almost support for all Android operating systems. If you don't have the knowledge and understand about Android Root APK then you may use alternatives like Root master, KingRoot, Baidu Root, etc. these are the alternative root application of Android Root APK. You can use one of these to root your device easily.

Key Features of Android Root APK:

  • Free download for all android phones, tablets, and smartphones
  • Safe and secure application
  • Full rooting access
  • Safely root android devices
  • Two process to root android devices (Exploits)(Flashing)
  • Comes with unique features
  • Compatibility with all android devices, Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo etc
  • Much more

APP Info:

  • App Name;   Android Root APK
  • AppSize;      4.9MB
  • App Price;     Free
  • App Format;  APK
  • App OS;        All Android Versions
  • Downloads>Adroid Root>APK

Dr.Fone Android Root (Toolkit) APK For Android V3.2.168

Download Dr.fone root apk for all android devices, tablets, and smartphone version 4.2+. This is one of the popular android rooting program or toolkit that allows rooting your android devices or tablets in single clicks. It supports for almost all android mobile devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Acer, Google, Infinix, ZTE, Micromax, China mobiles, and much more. You have ever seen Dr.fone root toolkit, So, if you are interested to want to download them on this page, we will manage the official download link Dr.fone root apk for your android version. Scroll down and tap to download button and get full setup Dr.fone root toolkit app.

Dr.Fone Android Root (Toolkit) APK For Android V3.2.168


The rooting process is the very easy way with the assistance of rooting toolkits(Apps) and for rooting android devices without using PC.  We have to root our Android devices for any specific reason or in the present day's technology it is also necessary for every phone which have an Android version installed. Some of the famous hacking applications required root permission and nowadays many other functional apps also required root permission. The rooting process is not using run apps on phones but the understanding is also we can explore tons of features of Android phones. Rooted phones allow its users to the uninstall the pre-installed application and by using this method users can increase phones storage and boost up phone speed and performance.

Almost all of Os phones are locked with security software for some of the reason and owner of the phone has no power to use these features. Rip if our readers cannot use these features in the digital globe, by rooting phones anyone can control their Android phone smartly. For example, we can edit, change or modify all those applications which we are downloaded from play stores or anywhere else. For modified pre-installed apps on a device, root process plays a vital role. The rooting process breaks the ice device and gives us full access to phones. After that process, we can free some space of phones by un-installing bogus applications which are the main reason for less storage. The best part of the rooting process is it also assists you to run phones more reliably and speedily. Root phone with the aid of Dr.fone APK if you are watching for any functional rooting tool-kit.

After rooting of phones all of the activities of phones you can easily control your fingertips. In case any of the users are not satisfied with the upshot of a rooting process than by using Dr.fone root APK Users can also un-root phones. But remember that while rooting process it will nullify the manufacturer’s warranty. Note that Dr.fone is available on play store, if anyone hoping to download it, then download Dr.fone APK from this page. We are not demand of any capital for providing this APK file of the app. It is 100% safe rooting app available for free download on the page. At the end of the page get a free file of Dr.fone APK and start the easiest rooting process on the phone.

Why Android Device Root Necessary?

  • Root android devices to boost up device performance
  • Through rooting flash a custom ROM (Firmware)
  • Root android for better performance
  • Through root, process install latest android version
  • Make full device backup
  • Enjoy, the required apps root access
  • Control your device at your fingertips
  • Increase phone space and speed
  • Much more

Key Features:

  • Completely free download
  • Root your android device free
  • Compatibility with Android 2.1+
  • Safe and secure Android root toolkit
  • Risk-free
  • Up to 7000+ android phones and tablets support
  • Allows to unroot the device
  • Increase device performance without using PC
  • Many more,

App Info:

  • App Name;        Dr.Fone Root Toolkit
  • App Version;     3.2.168 [latest]
  • App Size;            7.62 MB
  • Required;           Android Versions 2.3 & up
  • Content Rating; Everyone
  • Developer;          Wondershare software
Download link>Dr.Fone Android Root Toolkit>Download>7.62MB
Install link>Dr.Fone Android Root Toolkit>Google Play>7.62MB

Download WiFiKill APK V2.3.2 Latest For Android Officially Free



You are about to download WiFiKill latest version free for Android device, Tablets, and Smartphones. We are seeing the problems of related Wi-Fi to share WiFiKill APK for Android Users. Sometimes the user has faced more difficulty during Wi-Fi network using every day due to the connecting more users at a time. If you are facing such type of difficulty and you want to get full access to the current Wi-Fi network then it’s possible by WiFiKill APP. Today on this page, we have to manage and share the brilliant android WiFiKill APK which enables to kill any connection which connected to same Wi-Fi. This powerful android program will simply check connected devices and start working to kill Wi-Fi network connection. Now scroll down and tap to download button to get full setup APK format WiFiKill APK for your Android Operating System. The download link is below at the bottom of this page.
Download WiFiKill APK V2.3.2 Latest For Android Officially Free

Android has become more popular in the world market. And today internet has played a vital role in human life, because of everything available on the internet. If you have a fast internet connection at your home or office or anywhere else then its need to protect your Wi-Fi connection with the hacker. Always using WiFiKill APK to kill unwanted users which can detect your Wi-Fi signal to run your Wi-Fi network. There is much easy to connect any Wi-Fi connection through different hacking APPs like (WPS WPA Tester). WPS WPA Tester is all in one android Wi-Fi hacking program that allows to connect any Wi-Fi connection and do your network slow. When you are facing these type of difficulties then must download and install WiFiKill Android App on your Android versions and then kill all kind of unwanted connected users through your own Android device.

Today the human life is totally depending on the internet resource. Like every type of information, documents, knowledge, ideas etc. get from the internet. Without internet the life is boring, or if you don’t have internet access then you don’t see anything around the world. If you have internet access but the connection is slow due to hacking users. If you are looking any Wi-Fi secure application then we recommend you to this WiFiKill APP. Download and install this brilliant app on your android phone to secure your internet connection more speedy and fast. Make sure you have WiFiKill Root APK download (Root access is much needed because it requires root access on your device). If your android phone is not rooted then before killing connection you just need to root your android phone through following Rooting apps/tools. Like (King Root, Cloud Root, Root Master, Root Genius etc.) This android application specially designed to get full control of your Wi-Fi router, make your connection more secure and fast to kill unknown users.

We have already more explained about WiFiKill APK ahead, now it’s time to download WiFiKill APK for your android phone. Follow below download link which mentioned at the bottom. Before downloading it’s time to check its latest and unique features which are as under.

Key Features of WiFiKill:

  • When you are launch WiFiKill APP on your Android phone after downloading then it will search to find unknown devices which connected to the same connection
  • It includes two main functions Grab and Kill, [GRAB; is the main features that will show how to connect the other devices with your connection e.g.->Manufacturer Name, IP address, Mac address, up and down speed.
  • When Wi-Fi Grab is detecting the connected device then Wi-Fi Kill App run to disconnect devices
  • WiFi Kill Root APK comfortable with all android phones, tablets, and smartphones
  • Support up to Android 4.0+
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Safe and secure,
  • Free download for your required Android Version

App Info:

  • App Name;     WiFiKill APK
  • App Version;   2.3.2
  • App Price;       Free
  • App Size;        485KB
  • Format;          APK
  • Required;     Android 4.0+

PSL Game 2018 (Pakistan Super League Cricket T20) V1.0 Download For Android

You are about to download PSL season (Pakistan Super League Cricket 2018) for Android devices. PSL cricket lover has the opportunity to play cricket with their favorite team on android mobile. Today we are sharing with you the famous cricket league in Pakistan (PSL) game 2018 which is completely free, on this page, you will find the official download link PSL game for android device. Due to the fresh released, it doesn't available for download, but you can directly install it from google play store, the google play store link is mentioned at the bottom. Follow below download link and get PSL Cricket 2018 on your Android mobile.

PSL Game 2018 (Pakistan Super League Cricket T20) Download For Android

PSL Game Description:

Welcome to the new and latest game PSL game 2018 APK which is completely free for all android versions. You know PSL season has arrived and cricket craze is at its peak. Especially we welcome all the new Pakistani generation in PSL cricket t20 2018. PSL lover can now the most popular and advanced 3D mobile game at the palm of their hands which include all real PSL features of all the PSL cricket teams like, Karachi Kings, Islamabad United, Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalandars, Quetta Gladiators, and Multan Sultans etc. You can play PSL game on your Android phone and play various cricket shorts including, scoops, helicopter shots, uppercuts, sweeps, flick shots, offside cut, etc in this latest PSL cricket game. This PSL cricket game specially built for you the PSL fans, you have to loads lots of cricket features including international and Pakistani cricket stars players, such as Shahid Afridi, Sarfaraz, Amir, Gayle, Sammy, Peterson, Pollard, Bravo, Fakhar Zaman, Malik, Hafeez, Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, Adnan Akmal, Hussain Ali and others. On this brilliant game, you have to select your favorite team and win the title of the PSL 2018 on your mobile.

You can select differently stadiums like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi etc. And the rain of 4s and 6s is going to fall heavily. Do not get bowled by swinging deliveries of Amir and try to hit maximum boundaries to raise the bar of Gayle vs Afridi. Play and win a successful inning. The PSL game has recently updated and it support for Android 4.0 and plus. The size of this game is 19 MB. It has developed by Regex Publishers.

PSL Game 2018 (Pakistan Super League Cricket T20) Download for Android

APP Information:

  • APP;        PSL Game 2018
  • Version;   1.0 [latest]
  • Size;         19MB
  • Price;        Free
  • Language; Multiple
  • Format;     APK
  • Developer; Regex Publishers
  • Server;        Google Play Store
  • Install PSL Game APK 

Download JS Apni Cricket League Latest V1.8 For Android (Hack & Cheat APP)

You are about to download the latest version of JS Apni cricket league for all android versions. On this page, you will find the official download link JS Apni cricket league for android devices and tablets. Scroll down and tap to below-mentioned download link which locates at the bottom. We have already check this apk file before uploading here, it is completely safe and secure.

Apni cricket league latest version 1.8 is recently uploaded to google play store. The required android version 4.0.3 and up and its updated by February 25, 2018. The Apni cricket league is developed by "Tacit Solutions".

Apni cricket league allows creating your own 11 players team that compete against those real-time cricket players playing the streaming match. This is one of the unique and new features where you can create your own favorite team and choose your own favorite player on the ground. Anyone who is interested and want to download the app and start playing Apni cricket league. We have to manage and share its full official download link with APK format, you can download it by following mentioned link. It is totally free and secure.

How to Download and Get Started:

Download the app first from provided link
Click on save file, if you are downloaded apni cricket league
You can direct install apni cricket league from google play store
When app successfully installed on your device
Register yourself with mobile number and password
Name and create your own team of 11 players and start playing
Enjoy, apni cricket league

App Information:

App Name;                  JS Apni Cricket League
App Version;                1.8 [latest]
App Size;                      34.0MB
App Developer;            Tacit Solutions
App Required;              Android 4.0.3+
App Category;             Sports

App Tags:

Apni cricket league apk
Download apni cricket league app
New version apni cricket league
Latest version of apni cricket league

Key Features:

Boosters and in-app purchases to enhance the game experience
Create your own private league
Should create your own team 
Select your own favorite player
Compete with your family, friends, and colleagues
Leaderboard also displays your position on with all other teams
Much more
Also Check;    Free Hit Cricket APK

Download Free Hit Cricket APK 1.2 (Latest) For Android

You are about to download the latest version of Free Hit Cricket APK V1.2 for all android devices, tablets, and other smartphones. On this page, you will find the official download link Free Hit Cricket APK for your android version. There is no threat and danger in this download file. The time of uploading we have already checked it on our antivirus program, it is totally safe and secure. Feel free to download and install Free Hit Cricket new and latest apk version on your android to start playing.


Free Hit Cricket has totally free released by Giritech, the game has completely different and unique. You have to play Free Hit Cricket apk Game with cool and unique batsman which guarantee the complete excitement on its top. The developer of this brilliant game has to include realistic graphics does bring the batsman and bowler alive. Free hit cricket game is not all about hitting the ball but for using new strategy in playing and enjoying. Every program has a famous features same here the free hit cricket app has Chase from two different viewing angles, Hitting huge sixes, stylish fours etc.

The game was recently updated on February 8, 2018, the required Android version is 4.0 and up. The developers "Giritech" has recently launched this Free hit cricket game for their trusted users who can play and satisfied. The average rating for this program is 4.4 out of 5.

We are managing and share the official APK file Free Hit Cricket App for android versions. If you are interested and want to download then scroll down and tap to download button which below at the bottom. 

We have already explained about Free Hit Cricket, now its time to download from our Android store. Follow below-mentioned download link to get full official APK format file from this landed page. Listen, before download and installed let's check its latest and unique features which are as follow.
Download Free Hit Cricket APK 1.2 (Latest) For Android

Features of Free Hit Cricket APK:

  • Download for all android devices, tablets
  • Play different matches in cricket game
  • Play different tournaments in cricket game
  • Select your desired country team and play
  • Drag the batsman in direction to bring perfect shot
  • Swipe for batting in game
  • You can take shot strategically
  • Select bowlers spin or fast balling
  • Can strike the stumps to take wickets
  • Right time swipe to perfect shot
  • Set your own balling plan
  • Can chase scores in quick play
  • Gain coins to buy various power-ups from store
  • Cool and unique both bowler and batsman
  • Free to download 
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Much more

How to Download and Install:

  • First of all, follow below download on this page to get Free Hit Cricket APK file
  • When downloading completed then launch APK file to installed
  • After installation Open APK on your android device
  • Set your team country where you desire to play
  • Finally, play the game and enjoy
  • DOne.

Download Info:

  • Name;                      Free Hit Cricket APK
  • Version;                   V 1.2
  • Price;                       Free
  • Developer;              Giritech
  • Required;               Android 4.0+
  • Size;                       40.66MB